Our integrated approach

How the model fits together

We ventured to bring together all the elements needed to create a stronger, more inclusive system for adult literacy and numeracy education.

Tapatoru, or the Foundation Learning Professional Standards Framework, describes the capability needed by practitioners working with foundation-level learners or clients.

Tapatoru underpins the Adult Literacy and Numeracy (ALN) Effective Practice Model, the Capability Building Model and the ALNACC Professional Learning and Development (PLD) offerings.

The Capability Building Model is at the centre. It is our road map for the ALNACC PLD and it is informed by the ALN Effective Practice Model.

ALNACC PLD is designed to build and enhance teaching and learning capability:

  • It is aligned with Tapatoru skill levels.
  • PLD content draws on the practices described in the ALN Effective Practice Model.
  • PLD approaches and delivery formats are defined by the Capability Building Model.