PLD Courses

Supporting adult literacy, numeracy and cultural capability


The ALNACC PLD uses a 'kono' metaphor drawn from te ao Māori or the Māori world. It refers to a small woven harakeke basket used for gift offerings.

In this context, the kono represents a PLD package consisting of several modules at a range of skill levels. The packages complement the Tapatoru Ako Professional Practice Award.

Each course consists of a workshop, delivered face-to-face or by video conference, followed by an optional four-week online module. The module is in the form of a community of professional learning. It is self-paced and takes a minimum of 1-2 hours of engagement per week. 

Participants will have the opportunity to practise and reflect on the new learning and exchange experiences and ideas with each other and the facilitator.

Participants can collect evidence of participation and engagement in their PLD Portfolio or Kete.

Attendees can receive a digital badge for participation in the initial workshop and one for completing the four-week module.