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New framework supports literacy and numeracy for lifelong learning

30 November 2018

Cultural Capability Pathways, Literacy and numeracy skills, Strategic Leadership and Change, Supporting staff, Educational outcomes Foundation and Bridging Education

Providing teachers in foundation education (Levels 1-3) with high quality, culturally-inclusive professional learning and development is critical to improving adult literacy and numeracy and lifelong success.

We are pleased to launch a comprehensive package of evidence-informed models and frameworks designed to ensure teachers/practitioners get the support they need to make the most difference for their learners, particularly Māori and Pacific.

The package has been developed by our Adult Literacy, Numeracy and Cultural Capability (ALNACC) team and was funded by the Tertiary Education Commission.

Driving this initiative is the urgent need to improve the literacy and numeracy capability of adult learners studying at Levels 1-3 of the New Zealand Qualifications Framework, where it is widely acknowledged that more work is needed to raise levels of achievement.

Achieving greater parity of teaching quality and outcomes for Māori and Pacific learners is fundamental to this work. Māori and Pacific learners feel more valued, included and better supported when practitioners have greater understanding and awareness of their cultures. The ALNACC team have integrated cultural capability within this work to help practitioners embed cultural awareness and practices in their classrooms that can make all the difference. 

What’s in the new model?

Integrating adult literacy and numeracy development with cultural capability, this new model also include the facilitation of communities of professional learning, and sustained engagement in professional learning and development to enhance capability and provide tangible measures of quality for practitioners and organisations.