Josie Crawley

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Principal Lecturer, School of Nursing, Otago Polytechnic 

"Effective learning outcomes achieved through teaching reflective storytelling techniques provide a fertile base for deeper critical thinking."

Josie’s teaching career has been a diverse one, with students ranging from parents with intellectual disabilities, to prisoners, to Plunket workers. Over the past two decades, however, she has devoted her time to preparing students for careers in nursing or, in her own words, “developing compassionate nurses”. In doing so, she has had a considerable impact on the field of nurse education – locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Josie is a dedicated, intuitive, and authentic educator, but above all, she is a storyteller and an avid listener. Using these tools, she constructs learning environments that enable her students to flourish – both within themselves and in their ability to connect with clients.  

She brings her professional knowledge and experiences into the classroom – connecting her students with sensitive and difficult concepts and helping them relate these to their own practice. She actively involves her students in the learning process. As one of these students puts it, “Josie manages to turn every learning experience into a positive one”. Another stated, “I really enjoyed Josie's caring personality... she always had time to talk to anybody when they had an issue. I have found her an inspiration to nursing”. 

She is a highly valued member of staff within The School of Nursing and across Otago Polytechnic. One colleague comments, “Josie instills faith in colleagues, encourages them to reach their potential and enriches their love for lifelong learning".

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Josie Crawley – Recipient of a 2020 Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award