Workshop Details

Energising and refreshing numeracy provision    

This PLD package has been developed in response to sector requests for support delivering and assessing unit standards 26626 and 26627 (statistics and measurement respectively).

It is designed for tutors and organisations seeking to deliver statistical and measurement provision in a contextualised, engaging and effective way and collecting evidence to be used with the numeracy unit standards.

The PLD includes a workshop that presents a variety of activities, tips, and hints designed to energise numeracy provision. It also includes online content and the opportunity for participants to gain a digital badge in the numeracy domain.  

Learning outcomes:

  • Refreshing tutors’ statistical and measurement knowledge 
  • Strategies and activities to develop learners’ statistical and measurement skills  
  • Understanding Unit Standard 26626 and 26627 assessment criteria  
  • Designing and delivering contextualised, engaging, and effective activities.  

 Note: Content related to Unit Standard 26623 can be included at the request of the organisation.   

Ako Aotearoa ALNACC PLD Courses


Each course consists of a workshop delivered face-to-face or by video conference, followed by an optional four-week online module. The module is in the form of a community of professional learning. It is self-paced and takes a minimum of 1-2 hours of engagement per week. 

Participants will have the opportunity to practise and reflect on the new learning and exchange experiences and ideas with each other and the facilitator.

Participants can collect evidence of participation and engagement in their PLD Portfolio or Kete.

They can receive a digital badge, or micro-credential, for participation in each of the three components and a ‘gold badge’ if all three badges are collected.

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