Workshop Details

Explore effective reading strategies to transform your learners from passive to active readers.

Comprehension is the essence of reading and a tool for life-long learning. Most of us need to make meaning from text every single day. In doing so we use strategies without even being aware of it.

Many learners have to read challenging texts and struggle to comprehend them. Teaching them the strategies good readers use can be hugely beneficial, and can transform them from passive to active readers. 

Learning outcomes

In this PLD Course you will learn what reading comprehension strategies you can teach, how you can teach them, and how cultural values can be integrated into this process.

You will have the opportunity to practise teaching the strategies and refining your approach. 



Ako Aotearoa ALNACC PLD Courses

Each course consists of a workshop delivered face-to-face or by video conference, followed by an optional four-week online module. The module is in the form of a community of professional learning. It is self-paced and takes a minimum of 1-2 hours of engagement per week. 

Participants will have the opportunity to practise and reflect on the new learning and exchange experiences and ideas with each other and the facilitator.

Participants can collect evidence of participation and engagement in their PLD Portfolio or Kete.

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