Applying Pacific Cultural Capability 2


Financial Wellbeing – A Pacific Islands perspective

Event Details

This is a one-hour online session.

5 May 2021

12:15 - 1:15pm


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This interactive workshop introduces tools and strategies that you can share with your learners to help them make informed decisions about money, and to develop their financial planning skills. 

Topics covered

The workshop covers:   

  • the influence of marketing on our spending 
  • the difference between needs and wants  
  • prioritising our obligations (including cultural ones) 
  • why Pacific Island communities are set up differently to manage finances and activities 
  • the difference between poor and broke 
  • where to go for more assistance in managing financial wellbeing.   

The learning outcomes

At the end of this workshop participants will have a better understanding of: 

  • how Pacific communities view finance/money  
  • the role of spirituality in finance decision making   
  • cultural obligations and why they are important   
  • the principle of prioritising obligations. 

Who is it for?

This workshop is recommended for all educators working with or supporting Pacific learners; especially those in vocational or foundation level education. (Tapatoru Papa Rua Level 2)  

About the facilitators

Pale Sauni is a senior Pacific Samoan educator who has been delivering workshops on financial wellbeing for over 15 years. He has critical insights on how we can engage with our Pacific learning communities by and through the understanding of how money works. Pale will facilitate a discussion around how tools and strategies can unlock learning success. 

Saylene is a Pacific educator and facilitator who specialises in engaging workshop participants in understanding how to better engage with Pacific teaching and learning, and how to support Pacific learners. She has contributed to the development of the Pacific Cultural Centredness Pathway and continues to work with different audiences to share effective use of this tool. 

Ako Aotearoa Badges 

Participants can earn Ako Aotearoa digital badges as evidence of workshop participation.