Mentoring in education course


Mentoring in education | Principles, Practices and Skills

Event Details

This is a facilitated online course. 

Workshop one:
13 March 2023 
Workshop two:
20 March 2023
Workshop three:
27 March 2023

10:00 am - 11:30 am


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Learn about the preparation required to ensure mentors and mentees gain the full benefits of a mentoring relationship.

A successful mentoring programme depends on a good model. It also depends on mentors and mentees having a set of mentoring skills and strategies to effectively evaluate the outcomes of mentoring.

This course will cover mentoring principles and practices and a range of practical mentoring skills and is for people wanting a theoretical base for mentoring and practicing a range of skills associated with effective mentoring.

Hear about this course from facilitator, Dr Lesley Peterson:

Course outline

The course is three weeks in duration which includes weekly one-and-a-half-hour online Zoom sessions providing direct interaction with the facilitator.

There are some tasks for collaboration and reflection of the materials presented with opportunities to interact with the facilitator and colleagues using the online Learning Management System online.  Electronic resources will be provided for participants throughout course.

Topics covered

This course covers:

  • mentoring foundations: definition, purpose, benefits
  • your intentions and expectations as a mentor/mentee
  • roles and responsibilities
  • managing the mentoring partnership
  • core communication: listening, asking good questions, strengths-based feedback.

Learning outcomes

By participating in this course, you will:

  • be able to apply a range of mentoring processes and practices
  • understand the differences and synergies between mentoring and coaching
  • practice and refine a range of mentoring skills
  • be able to integrate key learnings from the course in your professional context.

Who this course for?

The primary focus is for individuals or groups both within and external to the tertiary sector, intending to start or refine an existing mentoring scheme. It is suitable for mentors, mentees, or a combination of both.

About the facilitator

Dr Lesley Petersen

Dr Lesley Petersen has over thirty years’ experience in the training and development field, specifically building her expertise in the areas of mentoring programme design and training.

She completed her PhD in 2011 which investigated the influence of mentoring on academic teaching practice and resulted in the development of an integrated model for mentoring as a mechanism for supporting professional development and enhancing leadership capabilities across an organisation.

Lesley’s passion for mentoring has led her to engage in local and nationally funded research to continue exploring the impact of mentoring at an individual and organisational level. She uses her expertise to assist organisations with implementing systems to help develop staff to reach their full potential.

Recording of video conferences

The video conferences may be recorded for quality assurance and facilitator reflection purposes, but will not be shared with the course participants or any other individual, group, or organisation/tertiary institution.


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Mentoring in education | Principles, practices and skills

Learn about mentoring principles and practices and a range of practical skills, including strategies to effectively evaluate the outcomes of mentoring.