PLD clarifying boundaries


Clarifying boundaries in teacher-student relationships for safe practice – Hamilton

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Wednesday 13 June

9pm – 12pm

Room RKG1, Wintec Rotokauri Campus
Gilchrist Street


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When we're working with adult learners - building relationships and empowering people to pursue their potential and define their own success - we can sometimes lose sight of the invisible boundaries between what’s personal, and what’s professional.

What kinds of social relationships are appropriate? What happens when we meet outside the classroom? Where are our professional boundaries? Participants in this workshop examine real-world dilemmas: causes, actions, decision-points and consequences. You will also consider workplace dynamics, including bullying, harassment, discrimination and conflict, developing strategies to recognise occurrences and respond professionally.

This workshop could also be used as a starting place for teams or organisations seeking to develop a Code of Conduct.

This workshop will be valuable to practitioners, managers, organisational leaders and support staff working in all areas of tertiary education, including: wānanga, institutes of technology/polytechnics, private training establishments, universities, adult and community education and industry training.


The Ako Aotearoa Northern Hub.