2018 Pacific Tertiary Education Forum Themes

Over-arching theme

The theme 'Be the change you wish to see in the world' will be examined through a uniquely Pacific perspective, drawing on the experiences of a broad cross-section of Pacific Peoples working in and supporting our tertiary education sector. The rapidly changing tertiary education sector of today presents a unique challenge in that Pacific learners, now more than ever, must stay connected to their Pacific values and identities in being equipped to inclusively meet the challenges presented by increasing change, both to the tertiary landscape and the wider environment. Government agencies, tertiary organisations and others must work together with Pacific communities to forge a thriving, empathetic and equitable future of success for all people in Aotearoa/New Zealand.


CHANGE THROUGH RESEARCH – Research can help us understand tertiary education and spotlight good practice. What is the current research and findings that supports and grows Pacific achievement in tertiary education. What are the research projects that focus on positive change, inclusivity and equity for Pacific learners? How can we harness this work in practical ways to grow Pacific success into the future?

LEARNER SUPPORT & COLLABORATION - This year we showcase inspiring stories on models of good practice in the collaboration space and their proven success. Presenters will share what good support looks and feels like for Pacific learners, and how to develop and maintain positive levels of thriving Pacific learner participation, engagement and achievement in education. Can we collaborate more across the sector and with our learners to evolve work programmes that will bring real benefits to Pacific learners, thereby benefitting all?

STUDENT & COMMUNITY VOICE – The Pacific learner, their families and communities should be at the centre of an education system that works better for Pacific people. Family, community and church bring valued knowledge and practice that can define cultural identity and provide support and motivation for success as Pacific people in New Zealand. This theme explores and celebrates initiatives that are inclusive of these groups. We want parents and community leaders to share their stories of support and success for learners transitioning through the education system, and what success looks like for them. What are the conditions and values needed to create strong, vibrant and successful Pacific individuals, families and communities?

LEADERSHIP & CAREER PROGRESSION - How can tertiary providers plan and respond to ensure Pasifika school leavers are academically and socially equipped to achieve their career goals and thrive as we face increasingly uncertain futures? What change is needed to occur in this space to ensure parity and beyond for Pacific learners, teachers and staff?  How should our education system support greater parity, equity and empathy?