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Ako Aotearoa hosts online information session 9 March on the new Te Whatu Kairangi award for Pacific educators

1 March 2023 Educational outcomes, Pacific learner success

The new Te Whatu Kairangi Le Moana Mua Award has been introduced to recognise and celebrate phenomenal Pacific teachers and trainers who educate Pacific people. Join us at the Le Moana Mua online information and Q+A session to learn more.

A free online information session runs next Thursday 9 March at 1pm to support people interested in nominations for the new Pacific Award – Le Moana Mua - part of the highly regarded Te Whatu Kairangi Aotearoa Tertiary Educator Awards.

Ako Aotearoa announced the new award last November and is calling for organisational leaders to get behind their phenomenal Pacific teachers or trainers and nominate them for an award.

Le Moana Mua recognises and celebrates phenomenal Pacific teachers and trainers for their contributions to developing and supporting our next generation of students and leaders.

An Online Information and Q+A session about the new Le Moana Mua Award will be held on Thursday, 9 March at 1pm - Register here.

Within the Pacific community across Aotearoa there are many tertiary educators doing great things to support their learners, colleagues and organisations in their teaching practice.

“While some Pacific teachers or trainers may not see what they do as special, or worthy of an award, it is important their work is recognised and celebrated for the positive impact it makes and their contributions to learner success. This helps us raise the profile of Pacific peoples and Pacific priorities across our diverse sector,” says Ako Aotearoa Tumuaki/Director Helen Lomax.

A new Group award has also been introduced this year, reflecting the collaborative nature of teaching. Through this award, Pacific educators have another opportunity to submit a nomination as a group or team who work together to contribute to successful outcomes for learners.

Ako Aotearoa welcomes nominations from any tertiary educators (individuals and groups) who have been working in education positions for at least four years full-time, or equivalent, and are employed with an organisation that receives TEC funding.

Te Whatu Kairangi celebrates outstanding educators across the entire tertiary education sector who are making a difference to learners, their whānau, aiga and communities.

For more information, please visit ako.ac.nz/te-whatu-kairangi.

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