Our Team

Our head office is located in Wellington at Massey University’s campus. Contact the head office team to speak with our National Director, Helen Lomax, or to any of our head office staff.

We have people spread across three regional hubs in Auckland, Palmerston North, and Christchurch. They’re available to answer your questions or talk with you about the services offered in your region.

If you need a hand, or would just like to chat with someone, we're happy to help. 

National Office

ako staff profile Helen lomax

Helen Lomax

Tumuaki | Director

E helen.lomax@ako.ac.nz

ako staff profile joe te rito

Dr Joseph Te Rito

Kaihautū Mātauranga Māori (Deputy Director Māori)

M +64 021 715 747

E joseph.terito@ako.ac.nz

ako staff profile jill-tanner lloyd

Jill Tanner-Lloyd

National communications and marketing manager

P +64 4 979 3431

M +64 21 423 779

E jill.tanner-lloyd@ako.ac.nz

AKO staff Profiles john milne

John Milne

Senior Advisor Professional Learning

P +64 4 979 3125

E john.milne@ako.ac.nz

AKO Staff Profiles Alexia Tuhi

Alexia Tuhi

Executive Personal Assistant / Administrator

E alexia.tuhi@ako.ac.nz

ako staff profile Catherine-leech

Catherine Leech

Senior Communications and Marketing Advisor

P +64 4 979 3128

E catherine.leech@ako.ac.nz


Corrina Gestro-Best

National Business Manager

P +64 4 979 3129

E corrina.gestro-best@ako.ac.nz

Ako Logo Navy RGB

Talei Sinclair

Executive Assistant

P +64 4 979 3432

E talei.sinclair@ako.ac.nz

Ako staff profile Sue Alwis

Sue Alwis

Finance Administrator

P +64 4 979 3139

E suzie.alwis@ako.ac.nz


Kyra Warbrick

Communications Coordinator

E kyra.warbrick@ako.ac.nz

Ako Logo Navy RGB

Glad Gestiada

Web Content and Technology Advisor

E g.gestiada@ako.ac.nz

Northern Hub

Ako Staff Profile Ruth Peterson

Ruth Peterson

Sector Services Manager | Northern

M +64 21 943 490

E ruth.peterson@ako.ac.nz

AKO Staff Profiles Alexia Tuhi

Alexia Tuhi


E northernhub@ako.ac.nz

Central Hub

Ako staff profile Graeme Read

Graeme Read

Sector Services Manager | Central

P +64 6 951 9219

E graeme.read@ako.ac.nz

Ako Staff Profile Christina Crews

Christina Crews

Learning Technologies Assistant Advisor

P +64 6 951 9218

E christina.crews@ako.ac.nz

Southern Hub

Ako staff profile Jennifer Leahy

Jennifer Leahy

Sector Services Manager | Southern

P +64 3 364 2500

M +64 21 748 496

E jennifer.leahy@ako.ac.nz

Ako Staff Profile Kate Vernon

Kate Vernon


P +64 3 364 2504

E kate.vernon@ako.ac.nz

Saba 2

Saba Azeem

Evaluation Advisor

E saba.azeem@ako.ac.nz


ako staff profile Mei Winitana

Dr Mei Winitana

Kaiwhakahaere Māori Cultural Capability

E mei.winitana@ako.ac.nz

ako staff profile Pale Sauni

Pale Sauni

Pacific Priorities and Cultural Leader

E pale.sauni@ako.ac.nz

ako staff profile Saylene Ulberg

Saylene Ulberg

Pacific Cultural Advisor

E saylene.ulberg@ako.ac.nz

ako staff profile Damon Whitten

Dr Damon Whitten

Project Lead

E damon.whitten@ako.ac.nz

ako staff profile Graeme Smith

Graeme Smith

Project Co-Lead

E graeme.smith@ako.ac.nz

ako staff profile Annette van Lamoen

Annette van Lamoen

Manako Programme Manager

E annette.vanlamoen@ako.ac.nz

Ako Logo Navy RGB

Annette Tofaeono

Senior Advisor | Foundation Learning

E annette.tofaeono@ako.ac.nz

Ako Staff Profile Barrie Vigar

Barrie Vigar

Manako Administrator Learning Support

E b.vigar@ako.ac.nz