Project Details

A project to develop an application, 'Ako Ao Mariko: VR for Learning Te Reo', which will be delivered on a smartphone using low-cost virtual reality (VR) headsets to present basic Māori language phrases in a range of contexts.


The main aim of the project was to:

  • reduce learners' feelings of whakamā (anxiety) and low self-confidence in the learning of the Māori language
  • identify and prioritise introductory te reo Māori learning outcomes that are fundamental for developing second language learner confidence
  • design and implement VR activities with appropriate scaffolding in place to help second language learners achieve the learning outcomes in a safe environment
  • facilitate workshops for Kaiako (teachers) in departments and institutions to support them in accessing the 'Ako Ao Mariko: VR for Learning Te Reo' app as an educational tool for personal professional learning and development.


The project methodology involved: 

  • developing the VR app
  • holding 2-hour workshops to evaluate the project's impact
  • participants completing scenarios and activities in the app
  • participants completing a questionnaire survey on their experiences with the app
  • monitoring the in-app logging of usage (e.g. how participants interact with the app, how long they spend answering questions, etc).


the university of auckland

Dr Tauwehe Tamati

Project Leader

The University of Auckland
the university of auckland

Dr Nasser Giacaman

The University of Auckland




10000.00 (excl GST)

$10,000.00 The University of Auckland

Key Findings

Key Recommendations


Māori Mai Me

Māori Mai ME is the world’s first developmental virtual reality app for learning te reo Māori. 

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