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Published: 24 October 2023

BCITO | Te Pūkenga workplace learning advisors held a workshop to discuss the ways in which their existing practice aligns with Ako Explored principles. They found many synergies which reaffirmed their practice, although their context requires a learning approach quite different to class-based learning and teaching.


Ako Explored – Six principles for enhancing learner outcomes in tertiary education

Ako Explored addresses the urgent and persistent need to improve learning and teaching in the tertiary sector in Aotearoa. It outlines six principles and indicative practices directly applicable to educators across this diverse sector.

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Unitec | Te Pūkenga Academic Advisors outline some ways in which they would use Ako Explored or encourage others to use the principles, practices, or questions.

Ako overview | Associate Professor Diane Ruwhiu


Ako-overview | Associate Professor Diane Ruwhiu

Associate Professor Diane Ruwhiu weaves her teaching practice the learning process around Ako (learning and teaching). She sees this as the core from which the other principles arise.


Success Story

Building capability with BCITO

BCITO recognises the importance of the literacy and numeracy development of their trainees and apprentices, so we have worked with them this year, through our professional learning and development programme, to increase their capability to best support their learners.