Principle 6 Coffee Table Card - High Expectations | Ako Explored

Supporting learners, Educational outcomes, Teaching strategies
Published: 24 October 2023

This card is designed to assist you in unpacking one element of Principle 6 – involving learners in goal setting. It briefly describes the principle and then offers some possible practices that help establish motivation for high achievements. It asks some questions to progress thinking about practice and provides some links for further information.


Ako Explored – Six principles for enhancing learner outcomes in tertiary education

Ako Explored addresses the urgent and persistent need to improve learning and teaching in the tertiary sector in Aotearoa. It outlines six principles and indicative practices directly applicable to educators across this diverse sector.

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Ako Explored – Six principles for enhancing learner outcomes in tertiary education

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Principle 6 | High Expectations | Dr Brendon Dunphy


High Expectations - Ako Explored Principle 6 | Dr Brendon Dunphy

Dr Brendon Dunphy expressly states that he aims to challenge students but does so in a way that supports ākonga (learners) and sustains learning in the long term.