Knowing, being and doing | Unitec | Te Pūkenga

Supporting learners, Educational outcomes, Teaching strategies
Published: 24 October 2023

Unitec | Te Pūkenga Academic Advisors talk about the roles of knowing, being, and doing as part of the learning process and how this can be considered in how learning is structured.


Ako Explored – Six principles for enhancing learner outcomes in tertiary education

Ako Explored addresses the urgent and persistent need to improve learning and teaching in the tertiary sector in Aotearoa. It outlines six principles and indicative practices directly applicable to educators across this diverse sector.

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Ako Explored

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Ako explored report


Ako Explored – Six principles for enhancing learner outcomes in tertiary education

This report outlines principles and practices designed to enhance teaching and leadership in tertiary education, serving as a versatile resource for educators, teams, professional developers, advisors, and tertiary education institutions.

Principle 1 | Know your learners | Dr Cami Sawyer


Know your learners - Ako Explored Principle 1 | Dr Cami Sawyer

Teaching a demanding topic with a very diverse cohort of students encourages Dr Cami Sawyer to understand her students, what they bring, and the challenges they face. This is the platform on which she builds a connectionist approach to teaching.

AKO Workshop Training 36

Resource collection

Utilising Māori and Pacific pedagogies in literacy learning

Information and resources related to improving learning, engagement, motivation and progression rates of Māori and Pacific learners. Covers topics such as extending learners’ vocabulary, strategies for decoding unknown words, and comprehension.