Blind and low-vision – Assistive technology tools

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Jaws Screen ReaderCost

Screen reader tool that can navigate a device and provides speech and Braille output.

  • Speak any text or buttons on a screen.
  • Scan and read out documents (including PDFs).
  • Speech-to-text.
  • Recognise images.

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Free download screen reader. Can read out every aspect of the screen and works with Windows operating system as well as some others.

  • Read out browsers, general screens, buttons, etc.
  • Compatible with many Braille devices and displays.

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Braille reader/ Braille display


A Braille reader, also called a Braille display, is an electronic device that allows a blind person to read the text displayed on a computer monitor. The computer sends the text from specialised software to the output device, where it's converted to Braille and ‘displayed’ by raising rounded pins through a flat surface.

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