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RESOURCE SERIES | Tikanga Māori calendar

Educational outcomes, Supporting staff, Learning Designs and Teaching Strategies, Supporting learners
Published: 7 March 2012

A resource prepared by Ngaroma Williams and Mary-Elizabeth Broadley.

Maramataka Piripi 2018 - Haratua 2019 – 28-page tikanga Māori calendar.

ISBN: 978-1-927202-05-0 (print);
ISBN; 978-1-927202-04-3 (PDF).


Ngā taonga whakaaro: Bicultural competence in early childhood education

A project to explore the bicultural competence of early childhood teachers within Aotearoa-New Zealand and develop bicultural teaching and learning tools for New Zealand early childhood teachers.

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Ako Aotearoa’s
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