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The project aims to investigate the impact of the Kato Toolkit on Professional Learning and Development (PLD), focusing on its influence on educators' practices with Pacific learners. It also seeks to assess the applicability of the phenomenal educators' framework within organisational settings, with the goal of fostering a supportive learning community dedicated to engaging Pacific learners.


The project aims to:

  • Investigate the influence of integrating the Kato Toolkit into PLD on educators' practices with Pacific learners.
  • Examine the resulting outcomes for Pacific learners after participating in Kato Toolkit-based PLD sessions.


Utilising an action research approach, the study builds upon the original "From Good to Great: 10 habits of Phenomenal Educators for Pacific Learners" framework. Approximately 15-20 educators will participate in PLD sessions focused on the 10 habits, followed by an examination of their implementation and its impact on teaching practices. Insights will be further gathered through talanoa discussions with Pacific learners in focus groups.


Aiono Manu Faaea

Aiono Manu Fa’aea

Project Co-lead

ako staff profile Saylene Ulberg

Saylene Tanielu-Ulberg

Project Co-lead

Ako Aotearoa


In progress


$25,500.00 (excl GST)

$2,500.00 Aiono Manu Fa’aea
$23,000.00 Ako Aotearoa


  • Exploring how the Kato Toolkit impacts educators' practices with Pacific learners.
  • Understanding changes in educators' knowledge and practices.
  •  Assessing improvements in learner engagement and success.
  • Fostering a supportive learning community within organizations. 


The project anticipates a transformation in educators' knowledge and practices, resulting in a more effective approach to teaching and supporting Pacific learners. This shift is expected to lead to increased engagement and success among learners.

Success will be measured by the widespread adoption of the 10 habits of Phenomenal Educators by institutions, indicating a commitment to enhancing teaching practices and improving Pacific achievement levels.


From Good to Great: The 10 Habits of phenomenal educators for Pacific learners – The Kato Toolkit

A gift for tertiary educators to help them transform the way they embrace and celebrate Pacific cultures and learners in their classrooms and learning spaces.

  • 30 June 2021
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