Relational and culturally responsive approaches to learning and literacy

Supporting learners, Educational outcomes, Pacific learner success, Māori learner success, Adult and community education, Literacy and numeracy skills, Cultural Capability Foundation and Bridging Education
Published: 15 September 2014

A YouTube video of the NCLANA Symposium presentation by Mere Berryman, The University of Waikato.

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Cover template for Relational and culturally responsive approaches


Relational and culturally responsive approaches to learning and literacy

A NCLANA Symposium presentation that explores how learners’ literacy learning can be better understood as a result of the interactions between the preferred values, relationships, beliefs, and interactions they have learned from their homes and cultural communities.

(PDF, 9.6 MB, 29-pages)

Cover template for Soft Outcomes Engaging Learner Identity


Soft outcomes: Engaging learner identity to facilitate and improve hard outcomes

A Wānanga Fono presentation on soft outcomes such as student confidence and learning to learn, which are often sublimated in the drive to harvest ‘hard outcomes’ such as exam success or grades for assignments. 

(PDF, 657 KB, 30-pages)

Cover template for Navigating the waves


Navigating the waves (Literacy praxis)

A Wānanga Fono presentation looking at issues that practitioners face, navigating the ocean of learners’ empowerment against the tides and storms of assessment and learner-centred education. Presented by Bruce George, Literacy Aotearoa. Published September 2014.

(PDF, 9.2 MB, 26-pages)