Project Details

A two-year project, being undertaken by Victoria University of Wellington, to examine the impact the Teaching and Learning Circles (TLC) initiative has on organisational teaching culture.


The main aim of the project is to explore the influence of a peer observation of teaching initiative, the ‘Teaching and Learning Circles’ (TLCs), on teaching culture/s and student learning.


The project methodology involves:

  • rolling out the TLC concept across interested Schools in three different Faculties, with the aim of having at least 10 functioning TLCs, with four members in each TLC
  • TLC participants completing a pre- and post-programme questionnaire, being interviewed when their TLC finishes, and then again up to six months after the programme.

Research question:

  • To what extent, or in what ways, does the Teaching and Learning Circles initiative influence teaching culture/s?


victoria university

Dr Kathryn Sutherland

Project Leader

Victoria University of Wellington
victoria university

Irina Elgort

Victoria University of Wellington


In progress


$29,791.00 (excl GST)

$9,981.00 Regional Hub Project Fund
$19,810.00 Victoria University of Wellington

Key Findings

Key Recommendations