Teaching Adults to Make Sense of Numbers to Solve Problems | Using the Learning Progressions

Literacy and numeracy skills, Learning Progressions
Published: 30 June 2008

This guide introduces and explains the ‘Make Sense of Number to Solve Problems' strand of the Learning Progressions for Adult Numeracy. A practical how-to guide, it covers topics such as how to use the resource and assessment, as well as a range of guided teaching and learning activities to use in class.

The guide is part of a set of resources developed to support the teaching of literacy, language and numeracy for adult learners.

  • The goal is to enable tutors to meet the learning needs of adult learners so those learners can engage effectively with the texts, tasks and practices they encounter in their training and learning.
  • The guide is based on research into effective adult numeracy education.
  • The suggestions in this guide are initial ideas only – they are aimed at helping tutors apply the Learning Progressions to existing course and learning materials.
  • It is expected that tutors will use, adapt and extend the ideas in this guide to meet the needs of learners and their own teaching situations.
  • On pp. 17 and 18 of the guide there is an overview of the guided teaching and learning activities. Each activity is aligned to a step on one of the 'Make Sense of Number to Solve Problems' progressions. You can find these progressions in Learning Progressions for Adult Numeracy.

Support for educators

For many more resources, courses and support for educators, check out Manako – Ako Aotearoa's programme for educators working with adult language, literacy and numeracy learners.

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