Tuakana-teina e-Belonging

Supporting learners, Māori learner success, Distance and flexible learning, Teaching strategies
Published: 19 July 2013

How Māori Distance Students can have a Sense of Belonging. The aim of this research was to develop a cyber-Whare and Kaupapa Māori peer mentoring initiative to meet student learning and cultural needs.


How Māori Distance Students can have a Sense of Belonging

This project aimed to explore the effectiveness of an online mentoring space combining kaupapa Māori and peer mentoring principles to provide culturally relevant support, assess challenges faced by Māori students in distance learning, and evaluate the impact of a cyber-Whare and Kaupapa Māori peer mentoring on their educational experiences and achievements.

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Co-funded by

Ako Aotearoa’s
Regional Hub Project Fund

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