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A two-year project to investigate the attributes that contribute to effective coaching relationships in supporting students' Practicum. A collaboration of University of Canterbury and Ministry of Education.


This exploratory project focused on the mentor/coach approach to professional partnership in relation to postgraduate students and aimed to:

  • investigate Field Advisors’ and Early Intervention students’ perceptions about their role and relationship during Practicum
  • document the attributes that contribute to effective coaching relationships
  • use this data to develop a coaching framework to trial in Specialist Teaching endorsements programmes and that can be transferred to similar programmes such as medicine, health sciences and psychology.


An exploratory case study approach was taken, which included:

  • using interviews, field notes and portfolios to capture the relationship between students and Field Advisors
  • an initiation phase when data was being collected to establish what would be included in the coaching framework
  • an implementation phase once the coaching framework was developed, tested and evidence of its benefits for learners demonstrated
  • a further implementation phase where refinement, testing and generalisation in other programmes was carried out.



Dr Cara Swit

Project leader

University of Canterbury
ministry of education

Julie Houghton

Ministry of Education

Dr Christoph Teschers

University of Canterbury

Nicola Leete

University of Canterbury

Mike Sleeman

University of Canterbury




$29,256.00 (excl GST)

$10,014.00 Regional Hub Project Fund
$19,242.00 University of Canterbury and Ministry of Education

Key Findings

Key Recommendations


Professional learning opportunities for postgraduate specialist teachers

This report provides the details on how this project was carried out and how the coaching resource was developed.

(590 KB, 27-pages)

  • 9 September 2020
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Coaching resource

A coaching resource to improve coaching relationships and the professional learning of postgraduate students.

(1014 KB, 7-pages)

  • 9 September 2020
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