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A project, by Workforce Development Ltd, to develop a professional development tool – Puanga Te Matapae Oranga – a toolkit of strategies and resources which sets a pathway of engagement between the tutor and student and assists in student learning autonomy.


The main aims of the project were to:

  • authenticate and sustain the good teaching practices identified in an earlier Hub-funded project
  • evaluate the influence of Puanga Te Matapae Oranga on the tutors’ awareness of their signature pedagogies (conscious competence)
  • identify how teachers’ attitude and teaching approach influences learner autonomy
  • challenge teachers to reflect on their practice and what they currently do to influence and support successful student learning, what they need to change, and how they can plan for this.


The project methodology involved several collaborative, tutor activities and methods to support and encourage application of Puanga Te Matapae Oranga in their teaching practice.



Anne Greenhalgh

Project Leader

Workforce Development Ltd

David Marshall

Workforce Development Ltd

Ganga Sudhan

Workforce Development Ltd

Kelly Wardle

Workforce Development Ltd
Lesley Petersen

Dr Lesley Petersen

Petersen Consulting


In progress


$28,350.00 (excl GST)

$13,000.00 Regional Hub Project Fund
$15,350.00 Workforce Development Ltd

Key Findings

Puanga can be applied at three levels:

  1. For the individual tutor as a mechanism for reflection on, and action to enhance their teaching practice
  2. Support and encourage peer review and feedback via the tutors’ Community of Practice (CoP)
  3. Teacher development across the vocational and tertiary education sector.


Key Recommendations


Puanga Te Matapae Oranga | A professional development toolkit for enriching tutor-student engagement and enhancing student learning autonomy

A report prepared by Anne Greenhalgh and Lesley Peterson.

(PDF, 446 KB, 29-pages).

  • 21 March 2019
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