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This project, linked to Matiu Julian’s earlier initiative "Tū Te Ngana Hau – Breath of Endeavour," centers on delineating 'successful engagement' with remote Māori communities. Its objective is to tackle existing challenges in engagement procedures by creating resources tailored for researchers and iwi Māori/Māori communities. These resources aim to facilitate meaningful and inclusive engagement practices.


To understand and articulate what constitutes 'successful engagement' when interacting with remote Māori communities. The project aims to provide practical resources for both researchers and iwi Māori/Māori communities.


The project employed a research writer to develop two resources, with support from the Primary ITO graphic designer. Led by a Māori Manager from Primary ITO, the team also included an advisor from Ako Aotearoa (Dr. Mei Winitana) for academic/research guidance.


primary ITO

Matiu Julian

Project Leader

Primary ITO
primary ITO

Miriama Postlethwaite

Research Writer / Developer

Primary ITO
primary ITO

Hannah Rossiter

Graphic Designer

Primary ITO
ako staff profile Mei Winitana

Dr Mei Winitana

Academic / Research Advisory

Ako Aotearoa


In progress


$20,000.00 (excl GST)

$20,000.00 Ako Aotearoa


The Tū Te Ngana Hau research project served as a foundational source, emphasizing the importance of avoiding prescriptive and transactional engagement. It highlighted the significance of context and the development of relationships based on shared values.


The project's impact lies in equipping researchers and Māori communities with knowledge and tools to engage effectively in the research process. By fostering a service mentality and focusing on mutual benefits, the outcomes include enhanced engagement, understanding, and positive experiences for all parties involved.


Tū Te Ngana Hau – Breath of Endeavour

A two-year community-driven project that focused on building skills for Māori to complete education and transition into the workplace.

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