Project Details

A one-year project, undertaken by the University of Canterbury and University of Otago, that builds on previous research of the AVW-Space - a controlled video-watching environment - to increase students' presentation skills.


The main aims of the project were to:

  • improve students’ transferable (soft) skills, such as communicating, negotiating, and problem solving
  • increase participation in and improve students’ conceptual understanding and application of presentation skills through the use of visualisations and nudges.


The project methodology involved:

  • a pre and post survey questionnaire for students
  • analysis of student's responses and comments watching videos in the AVW-Space.

Research questions:

  • To what extent does engagement with the AVW-Space improve students’ knowledge?
  • To what extent does the inclusion of interactive visualisations and nudges within AVW-Space have an impact on the number of students who engage with the platform in the constructive way?
  • To what extent does the inclusion of interactive visualisations and nudges have an impact on the number of comments students write, and the time (measured in terms of sessions and distinct days) that students engage with the platform?
  • Do students in the control and experimental groups have different opinions about the usefulness of the various activities they performed in the AVW-Space, and also about cognitive load?



Professor Antonija Mitrovic

Project leader

University of Canterbury

Dr Moffat Mathews

University of Canterbury
university of otago

Associate Professor Ben Daniel

University of Otago




$30,000.00 (excl GST)

$10,000.00 Regional Hub Project Fund
$20,000.00 University of Canterbury and University of Otago

Key Findings

The key findings from the project included: 

  • Results show that the pedagogical intervention implemented in this project is effective.
  • Only constructive students improved their conceptual understanding of presentation skills.
  • Interactive visualisations and nudges are effective in encouraging students to engage with the videos constructively.

Key Recommendations

The key recommendations from the project included:

  • Develop spaces in the AVW-Space, which support students in both commenting on videos, and in rating others’ comments | Participants who commented on videos and rated comments made by their peers (i.e. the constructive learners) improved their conceptual knowledge significantly. Therefore, both activities (i.e. commenting on videos and rating comments) are necessary for significant improvement in conceptual knowledge.
  • Use aspects in all spaces in the AVW-Space | Participants who completed the surveys but did not interact with AVW-Space at all, or who had passively watched videos, did not improve their conceptual knowledge. However, the use of aspects improved learning: the conceptual knowledge of constructive learners from the experimental group improved significantly, which was not the case for constructive students from the control group.


Supporting engagement during Active Video Watching with personalised nudges

A report prepared by Antonija Mitrovic.

(PDF, 2.9 MB KB, 27-pages).

  • 1 April 2019
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Active Video Watching Space AVW-Space 2.0

An instructor manual prepared by Professor Antonija Mitrovic and Jay Holland. 

(PDF, 2.3 MB, 24-pages)

  • 18 April 2019
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