The Ranga framework/He Raranga Kaupapa

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Published: 16 April 2021

A YouTube professional development teaching video, which supports the Learning Progressions’ suite of resources and focuses on ‘knowing the learner’. It is the next instalment of the ‘Knowing Your Learner’ Māori teaching DVD.

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Cover template for The Ranga Framework info sheet


The Ranga Framework/He Raranga Kaupapa – resource guide

A supporting resource for the video: The Ranga Framework/He Raranga Kaupapa.

(PDF, 445 KB, 2-pages)

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The Ranga Framework/He Raranga Kaupapa

The Ranga Framework, developed by Professor Wiremu Doherty, provides a comprehensive approach to engaging Māori learners. The key idea behind the Ranga Framework is that local context is extremely important in literacy and language learning.