Hana O’Regan – Tuia Te Ako 2010

Māori learner success
Published: 13 August 2010

Hana O'Regan's Te Kauhau Matua/Keynote Address from Tuia Te Ako 2010.

The whakataukī ‘Ka tika a muri, ka tika a mua’ is a well known proverb that talks about the importance of alignment between different groups and their associated roles and functions in order to achieve a common goal. In the context of the marae, the goal is all encompassing; it speaks of the mana of the marae, the hapū and the iwi, the ability of the people to represent themselves, to care for others, to articulate their dreams and their visions and to give effect to their tikaka and kawa. It is about them being all they want to be and believe that they should be. In the context of the current tertiary education environment meaningful and effective alignment between those that provide educational opportunities and the communities and whānau that can benefit from them are also concerned with achieving similar goals. This paper will look at the necessary relationships and philosophies of engagement that tertiary providers might need to consider in order to assist the realisation of Māori aspirations.