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A four-year project to explore the experiences of young people on Youth Guarantee Fees-Free training programmes and their education providers.


The aim of the project is to find out more about the experiences of learners on Youth Guarantee Fees-Free training programmes and their education providers for the purpose of improving educational provision and learner outcomes.


The qualitative and quantitative methodology of the project includes:

  • surveys
  • data collection and analysis
  • interviews
  • focus groups.



npf 15 001 doug reid

Doug Reid

Project Contact Leader

Chief Executive, Community Colleges New Zealand
npf 15 001 Ria Schroder

Dr Ria Schroder

Project Academic Manager

The Collaborative
npf 15 001 Adelaide Reid

Adelaide Reid


The Collaborative
npf 15 001 Sarah McKay

Sarah McKay


The Collaborative.


In progress


$315,110.00 (excl GST)

$157,555.00 National Project Fund
$157,555.00 Community College New Zealand

Key Findings

Interim findings from interviews with learners

  • Support from others helped participants plan, feel motivated and confident and overcome challenges.
  • Positive relationships improved learning, achievement and provided access to support.
  • Opportunities for self management and responsibility increased engagement and personal development.
  • Positive learning experiences increased self-confidence and motivation and skill development.

Interim findings from focus groups with staff

  • Training helped young people gain qualifications and experience personal and educational success.
  • Support and positive relationships led to engagement.
  • The structure of Youth Guarantee Fees-Free training needed improvement.
  • It needed to better align with the needs of learners and the Youth Guarantee framework.

Interim findings related to what's working

  • Support from whānau and friends, education providers and other support services worked well.
  • Training helped young people gain skills for education and employment, as well as confidence.

Interim findings related to what's challenging

  • Accessing support and knowledge about education and employment was challenging for some.
  • Finding employment was a challenge for others.
  • Some participants identified a lack of motivation, confidence, time and self-management as barriers.

Interim findings related to policy

  • Policymakers and young people clearly saw the topic of 'transitions' differently.
  • Young people, for example, saw Youth Guarantee Fees-Free training as part of a process of self-development rather than as a one-off event that determined the young person's future direction.

Key Recommendations


INTERIM REPORT | Youth guarantee pathways and profiles project

A report prepared by Doug Reid, Adelaide Reid, Mark Turner, Ria Schroder and Sarah McKay – The Collaborative for Research in Training in Youth Health and Development.

  • 3 March 2017
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