'Collections' reader series for adult literacy

The Reading Collections are part of a suite of linked materials to support adult literacy learning. The materials include books for learners and audio versions of the books. The stories in 'Collections' were originally developed for the school sector, and have since been tested and edited to suit adult learners. They contain a range of reading material, in New Zealand contexts and settings.

Some of the Collections also include educator and learner guides. The guides include activities to support the learner strengthen their reading skills as they read the articles within the Reading Collections, and are linked to the Learning Progressions for Adult Literacy.

Related Content

Learning progressions read with understanding


Teaching Adults to Read With Understanding | Using the Learning Progressions

Introduces and explains the ‘Read With Understanding’ strand of the Learning Progressions for Adult Literacy. A practical how-to guide, it covers topics such as how to use the resource, assessment, as well as a range of guided teaching and learning activities to use in class.

progressions set

Resource Collection

Learning Progressions for Adult Literacy

This resource collection includes the Learning Progressions for Adult Literacy framework documents and supporting resources for educators to use with adult literacy learners.

Two individuals engaging in tablet-based reading.

Resource collection

Digital read-along stories for adult ESOL learners and beginning readers

This resource collection includes short stories for beginning ESOL learners and learners who are beginning readers. Learners can read and listen to the stories. The stories are of high interest and relevant to the lives of new settlers to Aotearoa New Zealand.