Adult Education and Training Qualifications Review


Ako Aotearoa is the Qualification Developer for 14 Teacher Education and Literacy and Numeracy qualifications, all due for review in 2020 within the NZQA requirements.
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While Ako Aotearoa has overall responsibility for the review, we have contracted others to assist in the review process. The key team involved in the review are:

  1. John Milne, Ako Aotearoa – Project Manager
  2. Linda Keesing-Styles, Independent Contractor – Project Director
  3. Graeme Smith, Independent Contractor – Project Facilitator
  4. Kristen Rive, Ako Aotearoa – Project Administrator

Linda and Graeme work collaboratively across their two roles with Linda taking a stronger oversight of Teacher Education qualifications and Graeme overseeing Literacy and Numeracy qualifications. They are equally responsible for, and involved in, the review planning and processes.

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Current status

We reported the review recommendations to NZQA in September 2020. We hope that the revised qualifications will be approved and published early in 2021.

Panel discussion

On 30 July 2020, a panel of those who worked on the review shared information about the qualifications and outlined feedback from representative groups and stakeholders. If you would like to watch a recording of this session please complete this short form.

Latest Updates

All updates and current information will be posted here.

Review Plan

The review plan has been developed to meet the NZQA review guidelines. The plan document outlines the process, phases, communication, consultation and milestones.

Consultation and Communication

Stakeholder engagement will utilise a representative group approach. Consultation with appropriate stakeholders will result in agreement as to who represents key groups. 

To a significant extent, the review will progress through digital communication channels allowing for maximum opportunities for stakeholder input. All stakeholders have a responsibility to contribute to the process through digital channels and face-to-face consultation if and when required. This page will contain all key information. At April 2020 we are aware of the pressures on staffing. Let us know if it is difficult to contribute at this time.

Phases and Milestones

The process will unfold in four phases:

  • preparing for the review
  • planning the review
  • conducting the review
  • reporting the review.

The phases with approximate timelines and deliverables are: 



Intended Deadline

Intended Deliverables



31 March

Collate information on quals

Initial analysis of data

Establishment of stakeholder profile

NZQA triggers review



30 April

Confirm stakeholder profile

Prepare report of data analysis

Prepare a plan

Advise stakeholders and peak bodies

Establish representative group



30 June

Map quals to workforce requirements

Determine fitness for purpose

Confirm workforce skill needs

Stakeholder consultation

Assess qualifications



31 August

Determine changes

Analyse feedback and make changes

Finalise qualifications

Collate stakeholder support for revised qualifications



30 September

Report the results of the review

Create new qualifications as required (ongoing)

We hope that the revised qualifications will be approved and published early in 2021.


  1. Adult and Tertiary Teaching
  2. Language Literacy and Numeracy
  3. Language Teacher Education

All stakeholder costs of contributing to the consultation and review process will be met by the relevant stakeholder organisation.

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Resources to Support the Review