Our professional learning and development programme builds educational capability across New Zealand.   


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New workshops in adult literacy, numeracy and cultural capability to support practitioners and organisations in foundation level education.

The building blocks for good teaching practice.

Consider real-world dilemmas and develop strategies to recognise occurrences and respond professionally.

Learn practical strategies to better engage and meet the needs of learners from Pacific Island backgrounds.

 Learn to create experiences that enhance the quality of the learning environment.

Learn how to design and evaluate teaching strategies and practice that lead to enhanced outcomes for Māori learners.

Learn how mentoring in tertiary education produces benefits for teachers and learners.

 Learn how to ensure students undertake valid, reliable, flexible and fair assessments.

Strategies to assist learners in vocational education and training.

Open education practices and technology enhanced learning.

Leadership plays a major role in enabling the necessary systems and structures to drive quality outcomes.


Literacy and Numeracy for Adults Assessment Tool – Online

An introduction to this free, national literacy and numeracy assessment tool and the related Learning Progressions framework. Become familiar with the assessment options available within the LNAAT and how to choose the most appropriate options for your students. Learn how to introduce and explain the benefits of the LNAAT and assessments to your learners. 

15 JULY    |    ONLINE

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