Dr Christine Rubie-Davies

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland

"Excellent teachers listen to students, take heed of what they are saying and make changes, because they seek to grow their pedagogy".

Christine has sustained excellence in teaching over the nine years of her university career.

One of Christine’s most notable philosophies is the importance and value of feedback. She strongly believes that feedback and self-reflection on teaching practice enables students to improve their teaching effectiveness. She has a focus on deep rather than surface learning and delivers her lectures in a way that carefully integrates theory and research about teaching practice. Christine has always been particular to ensure that Pasifika and Māori students are well supported and encouraged while also being appropriately challenged in their learning.

Student ratings are consistently high across the wide range of courses she teaches. Another major quality is her willingness to fully participate in various teaching committees, putting in extraordinary background study and follow-up work.