Dr Tracy Riley

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Senior Lecturer, School of Curriculum and Pedagogy, Massey University

"I ground my teaching in research and reflective examples of how teaching must be tailored to the individual needs of my students".

Tracy has demonstrated a commitment to excellence during her eleven years as a teacher educator at Massey University. Her teaching philosophy and practice are driven by the belief that a teacher scholar engages in research-informed teaching and teaching-informed research.

She is one of the leaders in Massey University in the use of eLearning strategies, and has employed contemporary electronic teaching techniques in a way that ensures the primacy of pedagogy over technology. She is continuously engaged in the development of her subject specialty through her teaching research and her contributions to the educational community.

Tracy is actively involved in the supervision of postgraduate research at all levels, between four and eight research projects and theses a year