Dr Dawn Garbett

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Associate Dean Teaching & Learning, Faculty of Education, University of Auckland

"I aim to ensure that every student teacher graduates confident in their ability to teach, through science, in a wide range of settings, to all of the students in their classes".

Dawn is a “highly popular, lively and compassionate teacher who cares deeply about her work to create confident, able teachers of science”, Although she has been teaching for 15 years, Dawn believes that she will always have more to learn about teaching, an inspiring prospect for her.

Dawn bases her teaching on the belief that learning is highly individual, with her goal being to challenge “student teachers to construct their own understanding of what it is to be effective professionals in a complex environment without losing sight of their vision”. She considers the strength of her teaching to be her “commitment to look honestly and critically at all aspects of my practice”.

Student and peer evaluations and comments demonstrate Dawn’s commitment to teacher education, from early childhood to secondary, her leadership qualities and her critical reflection. Dawn’s sustained excellence is demonstrated in her “teaching practice, research on teaching and learning and leadership”.