Dr Hamish Anderson

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Department of Economics and Finance, Massey University

"My goal is to deliver a relevant and accessible learning experience that extends all students".

Hamish never intended to be a teacher, but after one year in what he assumed would be a short term contract he was “hooked”. Thirteen years later, he is still using student feedback and results to develop different ways of teaching and assessing finance papers in the Department.

Early in his career, feedback identified that he “needed to engage students more, use his own enthusiasm for the subject to greater advantage, and (given the complexity of the subject) ensure that theory was clearly connected to practice”.

Hamish’s portfolio describes how this and much more have been achieved. In face to face classes, extramural delivery and block courses in both New Zealand and China, Hamish is able to match teaching strategies with learning outcomes in a way that breaks down the “Berlin Wall size barriers” many students associate with learning about finance. His consistently positive student evaluations and many accolades from colleagues confirm his sustained commitment to excellence in teaching.