Dr Ian McAndrew

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Senior Lecturer in Employment Relations, Department of Management, School of Business, University of Otago

 "I want students to learn useable skills, and to really enjoy doing so". 

Ian came to New Zealand in 1987 with extensive scholarship and practice in labour and employment relationships gained in the United States. He draws on these experiences to develop successful undergraduate and honours courses.

Ian’s philosophy is to ensure his students understand that theory and modelling and academic studies are a basis for being successful in work and life. Ian has an innate respect for and interest in his students. “I have never had any doubts about who I teach for. I teach for students. I have always respected their evaluations and have always sought them, read them, reflected on them, and learned from them”.

Remaining active as a professional in labour relations himself, allows Ian to ensure his graduates have the best possible preparation for practice. His “Ponderosa County” negotiation exercise is well-known throughout the country. Ian’s portfolio is peppered with student endorsements of his enthusiasm and knowledge, summed up by the student who says, “Ian doesn’t just ‘teach’ a course, he lives and breathes it and inspires those who do it to live and breathe it as well”.