Dr Angie Farrow

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Senior Lecturer, School of English and Media Studies, Massey University

"I have always tried to give my students a desire, a joy, and love for learning that will stay with them through their lives."

Angie inspires students and brings learning alive. For her, teaching is a lifelong vocation with the power to transform the students and communities she touches. Peers describe Angie as “forever experimenting, questioning and (usually spectacularly) succeeding.” As a teacher, Angie “needs to travel to new places and have the power to take others with me” – so she puts students at the heart of her work.

Her design and structure of teaching yield astounding results. She instils passion and enthusiasm through holistic learning techniques which build confidence, honour difference, and celebrate change. Angie states that “confidence building is at the heart of my teaching practice, because when students have confidence they are much more likely to discover new possibilities within themselves.” A peer comments: “where other teachers have felt a student was too difficult or incapable, she has persevered and brought forth roses from the thorns.” One student thanks her for “making me believe in myself...I will use what you have taught me every day of my life.” Another student concludes: “I now leave with a full heart.”