Kelly Pender

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Senior Academic Staff Member and Programme Coordinator, Certificates in Fitness, Bay of Plenty Polytechnic

"My passion, enthusiasm, motivation and respect for learners has been influenced collectively by significant people in my life and ignited by seeking to make a difference with people through education."

Kelly is a dynamic teacher and leader who excels in supporting his students to achieve their potential. He has a very diverse range of students on his programmes and goes out of his way to build a whanau ethos within each class. Every student is valued for the contribution they make. He acknowledges his own role models as he has developed as a teacher and works hard to be role model himself.

His students comment: “Overall, I did not believe in my ability to succeed in this course, but due to KP’s teaching I have discovered my passion. I am not scared of putting myself out there.” “Very professional yet a student at heart. Creates such a fun atmosphere and sense of unity.” Well connected with the local fitness community, Kelly explicitly works with his students to develop their skills to enable them to work in a people-centred industry. Another of his students sums up Kelly’s achievements: “Thank you bro for your example … you have changed my life for the better.”