Professor Kevin Gould

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Professor of Plant Biology, School of Biological Sciences , Victoria University of Wellington

“The sheer excitement of scientific discovery.”


 Passion and vitality are the hallmarks of Kevin’s teaching, whether it is smashing tomatoes with a hammer to show why houses are not made out of fruit or complex image analysis of plant structures. 'Enthusiastic', 'inventive' and 'awesome', are terms his learners use to describe him.

As Kevin rightly points out, 'just as you can't make a plant grow by pulling on it, the same applies to learner learning – both need fertile soil, nutrition, appropriate challenges and sunshine'. For Kevin's learners he is the ardent gardener who brings all of these elements together to ensure quality learning happens. He is their 'ray of sunshine'. Kevin is driven by a love for the importance of plants to our world and a heartfelt desire to provide learners with transformational learning experiences.

In his own words, 'most scientists are feverishly enthusiastic about their work - why not share that passion with students?' Kevin is a shining example of the role that teaching plays in learners becoming discoverers of new knowledge through innovative practice and critical thinking.