Chris Brough

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Senior Tutor, Faculty of Education, The University of Waikato

"Switching hats, sharing knowledge, engaging learners".

Chris Brough is a teacher who embodies the principles of Ako. With her ever-present enthusiasm for both challenging her students and providing the freedom to allow them to reach their potential, it comes as no surprise that Chris is described by her students as 'empowering' and 'inspiring'. Constantly searching for ways to improve her own practice, she is not afraid to look for the answers in her students. Her colleagues refer to her as 'walking the talk in fostering student autonomy over learning'.

Chris has worn a number of hats in tertiary teaching: as a mathematics facilitator, a Ministry of Education Consultant, a facilitator of Te Kauhua Mainstream Māori Project and teaching science on a Learning Curves documentary series. Chris has written teaching units, resources, journal articles and has published 5 children’s books. Her passion, her drive to 'go the extra mile' for her students coupled with her innovation and flair inspire her students. In the words of Dr Seuss, Chris encourages her students to become, like her, a little 'different-er than the rest'.