Dr Rua Murray

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Senior lecturer, Department of Mathematics and statistics, University of Canterbury

"A “heart of gold” that inspires passion for complex ideas amongst learners of all abilities". 

Rua firmly believes that “to learn mathematics, you do it; to do it you need motivation.” Rua has been that motivation for the thousands of students he has taught from foundation to graduate level over the last 15 years.  
He teaches students who are highly-talented and passionate about mathematics as well as those who lack confidence and see mathematics as a challenge.  Motivated by his own father’s adage that “There’s only one learning space – inside the student’s head”, Rua inspires his students with insightful and engaging lessons, making learning complex concepts fun and interesting. He promotes an environment for learning that involves students as actively as possible.  He communicates high expectations but always strives to provide the learning opportunities that make this possible.  
“Friendly, caring, thoughtful, passionate, captivating and dependable” are words used by students to describe Rua, their “exceptionally strong lecturer with a heart of gold”.  One student comment sums it up for all, “May your passion for teaching and mathematics never cease so that many others, like myself, may continue to be fed and inspired.”