Gordon Sanderson

Prime Minister’s Supreme Award recipient 2013

Also award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Associate Professor of Ophthalmology, Department of Medicine, University of Otago

"An inspirational leader for his profession, learners and communities". 

Humble, passionate and caring are terms students use to describe this highly effective teacher.  Always calm and unflustered, whether he is showing how to insert a contact lens with a one year old child or inspiring learners to marvel in the complexity of the human eye, Gordon’s dedication to student learning shines through. He takes immense pride in the success of students because of the difference they make in the health of patients.  Conversely, his past students attribute their success in the field of ophthalmology to his inspiring teaching.

Teaching across all degree levels for over 40 years, Gordon has maintained a burning desire to understand how students make sense of his highly demanding medical discipline.  He has also developed effective links beyond the University to include groups where ocular health is at risk both in New Zealand and abroad.

In the words of one of his ex-students, “He is one of those exceptional people who has made an indelible mark on a generation of doctors, colleagues and the University of Otago”.