Sue White

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Senior lecturer, Department of Nursing, Unitec

"A generous and energetic role model for fellow teachers and students alike". 

Sue White has been teaching for 25 years, with a scope of practice which extends from teaching the sciences to first year nursing students through to level 7 pathophysiology, microbiology, chemistry and mathematics.

She has received numerous awards recognising her deep knowledge base, expertise in teaching and pedagogical excellence. Her success as an extraordinarily talented and committed teacher has led her to become a role model for fellow teachers and students alike. 

Widely regarded as “generous and energetic”, she brings her lectures to life by telling stories that challenge, provoke and inspire. Sue strives to move beyond simply transferring knowledge of her field and connects students with a passion for learning alongside both their own personal goals and a sense of purpose. As one student commented, “I am excited about science for the first time in my life.”

Against a tide of standardisation in the sciences, Sue manages to maintain a fresh excitement in her teaching, creating classes which her colleagues speak of as “legendary” and which students, in their own words, “look forward to every week.”