Andy Ballard

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Senior lecturer, AUT Business School, AUT University

"Andy’s curiosity, motivation and commitment to teaching is driven by a deeply student-centred philosophy"

Andy is a truly student-centred educator. He is strongly collaborative and encourages his students to be active co-participants in the learning process.

His strong belief in his students underpins his philosophy of learning and is widely recognised and appreciated. One of his students comments: "Andy has a gift for encouraging students to grow as individuals, pushing them to be better students and people". His passion for both his discipline and for teaching clearly inspires his students and impresses his colleagues. He has been recognised formally on multiple occasions by both his employer and the AUT Students Association.

Andy is a highly reflective educator, has been on a sustained and successful journey to teaching excellence. Andy embraces the view that what the student does is more important for learning than what the teacher does. What the student does in Andy's classes is to learn in teams and in real world contexts. His innovative approach to team-based learning is an exemplar, as is his equally innovative community-based full semester "social entrepreneurship" learning experience which is the capstone course for his students.


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Andy Ballard - 2014 Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards Recipient