Dr Judith Bateup

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Senior Teaching Fellow, Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Otago

“We are the guardians of our discipline…it is important that microbiology is seen, heard and understood in the community.”

Judith is an extraordinary and inspirational teacher of microbiology. Students, colleagues and peers attest to her passion and enthusiasm, the outstanding quality of her teaching and the pastoral care of her students.  A colleague writes, “Judith displays a level of humanity and a caring attitude that enhances students’ learning and engagement.” Students comment that she is a remarkable teacher who makes a difficult subject easy and that she is “transformative, approachable, comforting and committed“.

That commitment is evident even before students enter university. Judith has developed an outreach programme with pedagogy for teachers in the compulsory sector. Those teachers have been supported to design experiences in science that are innovative, exciting and raise the profile of microbiology for those yet to attend university. A colleague attests to Judith being “an outstanding communicator of science in general, and microbiology in particular to the next generation of scientists”. Another writes: “Judith’s classes are ordered and planned in meticulous detail, they are relaxed, calm and an outstanding learning environment”.

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Dr Judith Bateup - Recipient of a 2016 Ako Aotearoa Tertiary Teaching Awards