Associate Professor Christine Woods

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Business School, The University of Auckland

“I love teaching. I love the challenge and the opportunity to learn with students and see them grow and succeed, to be part of a community of people learning together.”

Christine is a scholar and teacher of entrepreneurship “willing to push herself outside her comfort zone”. Her teaching uses “the space in-between” where teachers and students co-create the learning experience. Her teaching philosophy acknowledges where students are at, adapts teaching to suit each situation and advances the collective knowledge of teacher and class.

“Chris does something many lecturers neglect—she makes her students feel special. Chris shows her students they are forces to be reckoned with, helping them grow into world-class leaders and innovators. I have never seen a lecturer believe in her students so much”.

She takes her innovative approach to the business world, winning multiple awards for the work through Velocity and Icehouse to grow enterprises. In 2016 she started Girls Mean Business to grow female entrepreneurship in schools.

A colleague states “Chris continually innovates in whatever ‘classroom’ setting she works. She genuinely engages with students of all ages and backgrounds and cares deeply that students are simultaneously challenged to achieve to the best of their ability and extend their learning and disciplinary knowledge while supporting them to succeed”.

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Associate Professor Christine Woods - Recipient of a 2018 Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award