Associate Professor Sheila Skeaff

Award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching

Department of Human Nutrition, University of Otago

“Teaching nutrition is not only an intellectual exercise; it can enhance the lifelong health of the student and potentially that of their families and friends”.

Sheila’s sustained record of excellent teaching has been recognised by students and fellow academics throughout her 29 years of teaching of nutrition. Her teaching has evolved from delivering content to facilitating learning. It is distinguished by innovative, engaging, hands-on interactive learning exercises and precise student feedback. Her essence is summarised by a student description “Sheila teaches her student how to learn, how to think critically and how to tackle issues. She transfers so much more than academic knowledge through her teaching, and, instils life skills that will set students up for their career ahead”.

A former student wrote to Sheila, “Dear Sheila, I was only a baby nutritionist, then you inspired me and guided me to become a nutritionist who can contribute to the nutrition world like you are doing now, I don’t think I could have managed without your support and guidance”.  A Teaching Fellow extolled Sheila’s excellent methods by saying “She is an exemplary teacher that I hope to become over the course of my teaching career.”

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Associate Professor Sheila Skeaff - Recipient of a 2018 Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award