Andrew Eberhard

Prime Minister’s Supreme Award Winner 2019

Also award for Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching.

Director – Business Masters programmes in the Graduate School of Management, The University of Auckland

“Excellent teaching in Information Systems is about motivating students to take a lead in discovering and exploring the field.”

Students highly value the commitment and energy Andrew brings to teaching. One comments, “he was awesome… he made a subject I don’t really like seem interesting and left me thinking about what we had learned for hours afterwards.”

Andrew demonstrates a strong commitment, dedication and learner-centred passion for teaching. This shines through in the way he systematically identifies learner needs; employing a wide range of strategies to provide feedback and support to lift the achievement of all learners. Andrew’s commitment to enhancing the quality of teaching and learning extends well beyond his own practice. His strong leadership in mentoring teaching-fellows and other colleagues through the Centre for Learning and Research in Higher Education programme is widely recognised and appreciated.

Teachers and colleagues alike benefit from his delivery of quality learning design and practice. Andrew also takes his own professional development extremely seriously and invests in ongoing expansion of his knowledge and practice.

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Andrew Eberhard - Recipient of a 2019 Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award